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Serious decline

Dear sir:

The interruption of the X-ray service at the Emo Health Centre indicates a serious decline in our health-care facility.

It results in lack of service to Emo, Barwick, Chapple, Stratton, Finland, Nestor Falls, and Devlin, the First Nations at Manitou Rapids, Onegaming, and Northwest Bay, as well as eight schools and the New Gold mine.

It would require a two-hour drive (one-way) for some, and create transportation problems especially for seniors.

It also makes obtaining the services of doctors more difficult.

The future services of the Emo Health Centre must be guaranteed for all residents of this area .

We strongly urge the Riverside board to use care and compassion in finding the resources to keep the X-ray service at the Emo Health Centre.


Cecile Cole,


Golden Age

Koffee Klub,

Emo Ont.

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