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Rethink amendment

Dear editor:

I am a resident of the Fort Frances area and formerly of Fort Frances. I also am a wood hauler in this district.

Town council's decision the amend Traffic Control Bylaw 21/14 to prohibit heavy truck parking on Scott Street is troubling.

There are many truck drivers living in Fort Frances and surrounding areas. We use professional services and shop in Fort Frances.

A lot of us work five and six days a week, which leaves virtually no “off” time for errands and appointments. I have stopped on Scott Street to use ServiceOntario and my optometrist, which are open during my working hours.

So now, if I don't take a day or part thereof off, I can't get my glasses adjusted, renew my licence, or grab a litre of milk. You expect us to park at a business at the west end of town when the business we are stopping at is located at the east end of town?

My alternative to this is for the Town of Fort Frances to maintain King's Highway (and Highway 11/71) to provincial standard for those highways. Snow removal to keep them open to two lanes instead of allowing them to become one-and-a-half.

Parking is an issue when this is not done. Driving is an issue when this is not done. In the area of Cornwall Avenue, have you been using the left lane with a truck in the right?

It can be terrifying. No less so for the truck driver!

Another alternative is to provide heavy truck parking for the downtown area. There are locations to be examined. If it is longer-term parking that is the issue, deal with it at that level.

Allow those of us that need to or must stop a place to do so.

I respectfully request that town council rethink the amendment and look at the alternatives.


Steve Taylor

Alberton, Ont.

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