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Dear Editor,

I am proud to be part of Operation Legacy, in which members and graduates of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program pass on the Remembrance message to the younger generation. As Remembrance Day is fast approaching, I would like to pay special tribute to all men and women who have served in Canada’s military, and especially those who lost a limb or limbs in war.

I was born with an amputation affecting both my arms, and have learned to overcome this challenge thanks to programs put in place by amputee veterans of The War Amps.

War amputee veterans that founded The War Amps changed the futures for all amputees. I consistently strive to push myself more and more because I know war amputee veterans never let their amputation stop them from achieving their goals of creating opportunity for amputees young and old.

On Remembrance Day, please take a moment to remember those who have and continue to serve. We commemorate their lives and share their stories so that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.


Samuel Giberson, 23


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