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Preparing ourselves?

Dear editor:

A prophecy update for western Ontario will include a note that sunspot activity is declining.

It is predictable that the atmosphere will cool as it did after 1400, 1600, 1800, and now we are in the 50 years after 2000.

A little Ice Age perhaps?

This will affect all of nature, man and beast, flowers and farms, and the cost of transport.

Us folks who till the earth to grow things are used to heat units in the 2350 to 2700 range. Should we get used to the 2000 to 2350 range?

Could we park all the jets in North America with their noses points south, set the brakes, and blow hot exhaust north to induce global warming?

Or could mankind change the tilt of the Earth half a degree?


Clayton L. Penner

Stratton, Ont.

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