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Poor decision

Dear editor:

I am in agreement with Roy Avis, our mayor of 12 years (three consecutive terms) and a successful business owner.

Roy Avis has stated, “Now is not the right time for another residential development.”

I also agree with Ken Perry, a respected town councillor, that money would “be better used fixing the town roads,” which are in need of repair, are unsafe, and cause damage to vehicles.

Current taxpayers in Fort Frances are now paying high taxes. If this 27-lot development turns out to be a poor investment, the taxpayers in Fort Frances will see a huge increase in their taxes.

As to the Huffman Court development, there is one lot unsold, one lot for resale, and several lots sold but not built on to this date.

Also, Alberton and Emo are contenders for new home development, which are closer to the mine site.

There are many seniors in Fort Frances on fixed incomes that are in danger of losing a part of their pensions from the Resolute shut down in Fort Frances. We do not need higher taxes.

Business owners in Fort Frances? Can they afford a tax increase if these 27 lots fail to sell?

The estimated costs of these lots is $70,000. This estimate could be higher or lower. In three years, likely higher when lots are ready.

To use money from reserves for a development that could fail is also a poor investment at this time.

Please refer to the Fort Frances Times' headline from Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018: “Erin Crescent work to be tendered.”

Fort Frances' current population is estimated at 7,700, with no main industry for taxes or jobs.

Fort Frances taxpayers could be looking at a large increase in their taxes to pay for a poor decision in lot development at this time.


Stan Hoard

Fort Frances, Ont.

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