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Points to ponder

Dear editor:

Usually I’m not much of a complainer but the other day upon leaving the Walmart parking lot, I observed the height of laziness!

It was around 6:15 p.m. so there were very few cars parked. To my utter amazement, however, there were 32 carts scattered within a radius of 10-300 metres of the store. What really bothered me were the 15 carts that were within two-10 metres of the cart stands.

Really, people! Are you in such a hurry that you cannot place your cart in the stands which are provided?

So often I have driven in to find a cart right in the middle of the parking spot into which I was about to drive.

Yes, I fully realize they hire staff to move the carts. But it’s pretty sad that they have to cover the entire parking lot to gather them.

The other concern I continue to have regarding this matter is the following: on a windy day, the carts don’t necessarily stay where they have been planted. The wind carries them—usually beside or into someone’s parked vehicle.

I have been exposed to that occurrence and had a substantial dent to prove it.

Please, let’s have a little consideration for others.

I also would like to comment on the new way of purchasing food at McDonald’s. I experienced the new kiosks and had some concerns.

The first thing I saw was the shortened counter space and only a very limited area for cash registers. My immediate thought was, “They’re cutting staff and people are losing jobs,” so I spoke to one of the managers and was informed this was not the case.

In fact, they have hired six new employees. That made me much happier.

She explained that McDonald’s is trying to service its clients with the personal touch instead of simply being a fast food outlet. I enquired if there always would be someone available to help at the kiosks and the answer to that also was a resounding “Yes.”

I then had a concern regarding the line of six people that were waiting for their order. But after about three minutes, I noticed the line had disappeared completely. Great!

Speedier service, that’s definitely a positive. Plus the fact you still can order from the counter, as before.

So I guess my advice to those of you who have not yet had the experience—don’t judge without talking to the staff regarding any concerns you might have. They are very helpful and also look quite classy!

We are now in a “techy” world and have to learn how to adapt! So all in all, my first experience was very favourable and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinions.


Diane Maxey

Fort Frances, Ont.

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