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Parking woes

Dear editor:

I would like to make a comment regarding the letter in last week’s Times regarding the parking situation at Rainycrest.

I was the unfortunate recipient of the gentleman’s wrath during the short time my wife was in Rainycrest and I was making my daily visit to her.

As I have a handicapped sticker, I made quick use of the handicapped parking in front of the building. The very first time I tried to park there, I was parked as close to the yellow line delineating the west side of the two-stall space.

As I was going to get out of my car, I felt a nudge against my rear bumper and saw this gentleman trying to squeeze in to what obviously was a two-car lot and make it a three-car one.

He shouted at me to move forward so he could get in behind me. I said I was right at the yellow line, to which he retorted: “Oh, those lines are just painted by idiots.”

When I refused to move, he chugged back and forth until he squeezed in.

I put my trailer hitch on to protect my bumper the next time I visited Rainycrest. This time I was sitting in the front foyer when I saw two office ladies standing at the front window, watching as the same chap was trying to muscle his way in again, and they remarked, “Oh, look at that poor man’s bumper.”

I got up and found the only damage he was doing was to his own bumper as he continually was coming up against my trailer hitch. Enough of that.

I paid for putting that hitch in temporarily because shortly after, before I removed it, I walked quickly past it, ran in to it with my leg, and spent five days in the hospital as a result.

I am glad my wife came back to Emo shortly afterwards as I could see parking up there would be a continuing problem.


Gordon Woollard

Emo, Ont.

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