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Dear editor:

Thanks to the Fort Frances Times for allowing us to air concerns about parking at Rainycrest.

Even though handicapped ramps for parking lots are in use everywhere, it seems that Riverside Health Care management cannot afford a ramp at the Rainycrest parking lot.

They have listened to our concerns and made some changes in the handicapped parking lot, which they consider appropriate to solve the situation even though us handicapped drivers disagree with the solution.

There will be continual problems until the “mismanagement” listens to us and our valid points.

As for the gentleman from Emo that was accosted by harsh tones by me, who continually has a rod for people afflicting the rights, etc. of the handicapped, I guess I own an apology.

The leg problem healed and the idiotic yellow paint has been replaced by blue paint.

The bumper damage referred to was done by the previous owner. When I bought the car three months prior, I realized that I might have to deal with Rainycrest traffic and the unconcerned drivers using the “for the birds” parking lot.

Since the repainting, etc., the home management has reassured us that policing will occur to keep the non-handicapped drivers out and assure that even though parking on the left side of the roadway will work out.

They deem it necessary to ease emergency vehicle traffic problems and the one-way traffic.

I hope that us handicapped drivers are able to deal with the footing when we dismount and use our devices to get into the home.

I am open at any time for discussion, both pro and con, should anyone wish to do so. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Jack Steinke

Fort Frances, Ont.

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