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Lending voice

Dear editor:

Paul Olsen’s letter to the editor in last week’s issue of the Fort Frances Times highlights why Canada needs to move on reconciliation.

He writes at length about my recent best-selling book called “An Army of Problem Solvers: Reconciliation and the Solutions Economy” but has never bothered to read the book.

The mere mention of reconciliation clearly evoked his ire (he calls it nonsense). I wonder what kind of society we live in when some of us resent others for living on the margins of society.

I’m very proud of my settler ancestors, and for their hard work and legacy left to us all. It is this legacy that has given people like me a head start.

It is unfortunate that some Canadians in life, like Mr. Olsen, are on third base and think they’ve hit a triple.

My book highlights tools that governments can use to promote economic development on First Nations which, in turn, would reduce the cost of government and enhance general well-being.

I’m aware enough of Canadian history and treatment of indigenous peoples that I know relationships must change, and I’m proud to lend my voice to that national discussion.


Shaun Loney

Winnipeg, Man.

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