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Great addition

Dear Mr. Behan:

I am sure that many people driving by Robert Moore School in the last few months have noticed the change that has been happening at the school playground.

First, Daryl Eyolfson’s crew built a running track and a play hill.

Now, in addition to this new landscape, just days before school was to start, new equipment went up.

You can tell the students love these improvements during school breaks, and also after-school and in the evening.

What a great addition to the neighbourhood!

I would like to note the efforts of the school council members that have spent many hours in meetings and organizing fundraising events to raise money to purchase the improvements to the playground.

If you see the following people over the next few weeks, please thank them: Barb Kabel, Elaine Fischer, Cindy Homer, Debby Cousineau, Hue Eldridge, Jana Riches, Janice Gagne, Jennifer Burns, Joanne Davis, Krista Ling, Shauna Leigh Carlson, Toey Werenko, and Donna Kowalski.

Now, if this wasn’t all, I also have heard more trees will be planted to provide more shade for the students!

Job well done, school council members!


Cynthia Donald,

Appreciative citizen,

Fort Frances, Ont.

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