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Empty promises

Dear editor:

In response to a bullet in last week’s article headlined “Town council briefs” pertaining to Ahlan and Judith Johanson’s request of a review of the municipal property standards bylaw.

I have, over many years, tried to have the bylaws enforced by attending and speaking at town council and the committee of adjustment with little or not results.

The property in question is Wahkaihganon Futures to the north of our properties on York Avenue North.

My main concern was always a proper drainage plan. A plan was submitted and approved by town council [but] this plan, in its entirety, was not followed!

A fence was erected around a brush pile and garbage at the southeast corner, covering up an inadequate drainage plan.

This drainage plan was supposed to be in place before anyone moved in, according to the town. This was not the case.

Run-off from their property was directed south towards ours by elevating their property, which the town stated that they were not to do.

Also, an elevated roadway was built to ensure the run-off goes south to our properties instead of the prescribed ditch.

Brush, long grass, weeds, garbage, and rotten trees are being allowed to gather in this southeast corner—hidden from view by the jog in the fence.

They no longer can maintain this property without trespassing.

I have received many promises from the town without the town following through with them.

I wish the Johansons luck but perhaps a lawyer would be a better choice for them.


George Bliss

Fort Frances, Ont.

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