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Different age

Dear editor:

This in reference to your article in the Fort Frances Times two weeks ago, where your reporter was given all the information about the new addition to your town's business section.

Knowing nothing about marijuana (or pot if you use the vernacular), I find it interesting that we were overloaded with all the fine points of our new medicine.

I think the paragraph where the expert stated that a certain type, named after someone who grows it, was a little much in stating it was a cancer tumour cure.

Another point that astounds me is their announcement that they would be having an MD on staff to consult with your own doctor as to the type and amount of pot that was right for you.

And here I was of the opinion that the town is critically short of regular doctors at present.

I just want to mention that a friend of mine in B.C. told me that the town of Langford closed one shop out and three sprang up somewhere else.

I am a bit facetious here but I wish everyone who starts their own little factory well, and just am sorry that I'm of an age where I am checking out instead of in, due to my age, because this is certainly going to be a different age to live in.

Thank you,

Gordon Woollard,

Emo, Ont.

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