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Dear editor:

This letter is being written (uberimmae fidei) in looking for a response.

Having lived in this community for 61 years, I will start off with a visa.

The maintenance of the roads and sidewalks is an embarrassment. I do not blame the equipment operators but lean more towards management in thinking they're being told not to put down pressure on the grader blade but to let it float.

Is this due to the fact that either a water shut-off, manhole cover, or catch basin drain has risen above ground (i.e., poor infrastructure)?

Our sidewalks have four-six inches of built-up snow and ice, making them unsafe to walk on. There have been people who have fallen or twisted an ankle.

Did management send out crews on the warmer days to clean this up? No. They waited until it froze over and then sent someone out.

Seeing is believing as two women with ice chisels were cleaning the sidewalk at the subway underpass, for one (sorry ladies).

The roads have deep ruts and holes everywhere. I would not want to be in an ambulance.

Secondly, garbage bag tags. What am I missing?

If a resident lives where there are three or more apartments, every bag must be tagged to be picked up. Why do you not get a free bag like a single dwelling?

Now, I've walked down our back lane only to see as many as four bags not tagged at one home that are picked up. Further down the lane, same situation—only they are not picked up.

Why? It it who you are or who you know? Help me understand this.

Are the residents not billed for trash pickup and are they not billed for bag tags (free pickup)?

Seeing as though I am complaining, let us not forget what Premier Kathleen Wynne has blamed the northern peoples for and what she has taken from us. No, let's not forget this.

Sign me profoundly concerned, confused, and wondering about equality.

Ken Grynol

Fort Frances, Ont.

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