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Letter to the Editor

Affront to humanity

Dear sir:

I have been somewhat perturbed by the reaction of the media in reference to the recent diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia.

I am not referring to the Fort Frances Times. But throughout the news industry, in TV, radio, newspapers, and the internet, the reaction appears to be the same.

Outstanding work

Dear Mike:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the partners and sponsors of the Stewardship Rangers Program.

I wish to draw attention to the outstanding work of the ranger teams that participated in the pine marten nesting box project this summer.

In response

Dear editor:

This is in response to the letter of the editor entitled “Needles an epidemic,” which appeared in the Aug. 1, 2018 edition of the Fort Frances Times.

Choose to be tolerant

Dear editor,

It's not very often that you see a whole article devoted to a church service in the Times, so as a Pastor it was with much interest that I read a few weeks back, “Local church holds Pride service.”

Needles an epidemic

Dear Mr. Editor,

There is an epidemic festering in the Rainy River District and it is growing rapidly!

When scrolling through Facebook posts, one cannot help but see the posts from concerned citizens about drug paraphernalia and needles being found in Fort Frances and the surrounding area.

Back to the future

Dear editor:

Will Doug Ford please tell us what his carbon plan for Ontario is?

Stephen Harper never would admit that a levy—which he favoured—was the same as a carbon tax. Now one of his most fervent foot soldiers, Jason Kenney, is saying “yes” to a carbon tax or levy—to be paid by industries that emit carbon (Maclean's July, 2018).

Worth addressing

Dear editor:

While attending a funeral, I noted how people appealed to God as the final hope at the end of their days on Earth. I wondered if they appealed to Him prior to this.

This got me thinking about meaning and purpose to life. If, indeed, there is meaning or purpose, then there must be a right way to live it. If there is a right way, then there also must be a wrong way.