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’Flu season here similar

Influenza, or the ’flu, is a disease caused by a virus. Symptoms include fever, body aches, severe fatigue, and cough.

Symptoms generally last up to a week, but it may be two or more weeks before a person feels well again.

Some people with the ’flu may experience vomiting or diarrhea, but if these are the only symptoms, a person likely has some other type of infection.

Students challenged to make schools healthier

Students are being encouraged to show how they can make their schools healthier.

Now in its fifth year, the Healthy Schools Recognition Program encourages school communities to pledge to do something healthy, such as:

•planting a vegetable garden on school grounds;

•establishing a daily running or walking club;

•starting a recycling or composting program; or

Alzheimer survey reveals alarming knowledge gap among ‘boomers’

An online survey of “baby boomers” across Canada conducted by the Alzheimer Society reveals a worrying lack of awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.

Survey results show an astonishing 23 percent of “boomers” can’t name any of the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease—even though their risk doubles every five years after age 65.

Kids with autism to get more help

Starting late next spring, communities across the province will offer new services and supports for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Roughly 8,000 kids with ASD will benefit annually from new Applied Behaviour Analysis-based services, which will help them develop communication, social and daily living skills, and manage better in school.

Riverside tackling pressure ulcers

A pressure ulcer is an area of skin that breaks down when you stay in one position for too long without shifting your weight.

This often happens if you use a wheelchair or are bedridden—even for a short period of time (for example, after surgery or an injury).

The constant pressure against the skin reduces the blood supply to that area and the affected tissue dies.