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Fuzzy judgment

The Supreme Court of Canada, in fine Canadian fashion, managed to accomplish what many people didn’t think was possible—issue a ruling on three questions probing the legality of Quebec’s unilateral separation that both sides could claim as a victory.

Walk the walk

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled last week the federal government was violating its own law by not paying its employees in traditionally “female” jobs equal pay for work of equal value.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Just a scant few months ago, the town said it was prepared to spend $4.9 million to construct a brand spanking new double-rink indoor ice facility at the arena field, demolishing Memorial Arena in the process.

As we all know too well by now, that deal fell through when the company hired to build it was unable to get bonded for the project.

Poor Judgement

As everyone knows, there’s two sides to every story. And that’s the primary reason why the Times has a policy to contact anyone who is specifically attacked in a letter to the editor and give them opportunity to respond.


It’s hard to believe another tourist season is upon us but the walleye opener Saturday marks the start of the annual influx of visitors flooding into Northwestern Ontario—a great majority of whom enter Canada right here in Fort Frances.

Start talking, not shooting

The shooting incident last Wednesday morning, in which an off-duty employee of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fired a shot at two Rainy River First Nation men netting sturgeon on the river, shows just how strained relations are between the band and DNR.

Flag flap a flop

The Reform Party came to Ottawa vowing to be different. It pledged to stay above the petty politics that often made an unruly kindergarten class look well-behaved compared to the House of Commons, and promised to refrain from the tired rhetoric and staged antics practised by the other parties.

Wrong Solution

Suddenly lost in the glare of the arena debate, and word council has to chop almost $1 million more from the town’s 1998 budget if it wants to keep a lid on taxes for the fifth-straight year, is the question of whether 384 parking meters should be re-installed in the downtown core.


It’s safe to say that last Friday night’s fourth-annual “Quest for the Best” was the best one yet—a sentiment echoed among spectators and contestants alike.

In fact, you felt sorry for the judges who faced the unenviable task of having to choose not only the top five but also rank them from first to fifth. Frankly, any one of them could have walked away with the top honours.