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Ringing hollow

The impact of declining student enrolment hit home last night when the Rainy River District School Board held a special meeting to pass its 2001-02 budget.

The bottom line is simple: fewer students means less money from the provincial government. And that, in turn, meant the board had to make cuts—$500,000 worth—just to soften the blow in the classroom.

Slow start

Things are not getting off to a very good start.

Sure, the big day is still 22 months away, but if the lack of entries so far (read none) in the centennial logo/slogan contest is any indication, getting townspeople fired up about Fort Frances’ 100th birthday bash in 2003 may prove to be an uphill battle.

That’s shameful!

Hard lesson

Yesterday’s stunning announcement that Abitibi-Consolidated will permanently shut down one newsprint machine at its Kenora mill, and idle the other two there until at least this fall, is devastating news for that community.

Play it safe

Tragically, the boating season is only just underway and already there has been an accident that claimed the life of a local man. And sadly, as is too often the case in such incidents, the victim was not wearing a lifejacket at the time.

Valuable message

What will you remember about your prom night?

a). how good you looked, before your threw up on your date

b). nothing, you passed out before the dance even started

c). explaining to your parents why the police drove you home

d). it was the best night of your life and you didn’t need to drink to have fun

No time to waste

When mayors, reeves and councillors meet this weekend for the NOMA (Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association) annual general meeting, much of their discussions should focus on the recently released provincial government’s Task Force on Rural Economic Renewal report.

We must aim for zero waste

While winter has been long in departing, the collection of refuse one sees along the streets of Fort Frances and the highways leading into our community indicates we continue to disregard basic environmental care.

It is a seven-month collection. And it is a sad statement of the way we disregard the environment.

Have your say

If the truth be known, the Rainy River District School Board is surprised—and disappointed—over the relative lack of feedback on its proposed expansion of J.W. Walker School here while closing Alexander MacKenzie and Alberton Central schools.