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‘Salmon Hunt’ gets boost

The Great Ontario Salmon Hunt, the largest fishing derby in the world and one of the province’s major tourism events, has received $100,000 from the Ontario government to boost its development and marketing strength, Tourism minister Cam Jackson announced Saturday.

Costly closure

News of toll booth changes at the international bridge here, including the loss of jobs with the impending closure of the one on the Canadian side as well as the spectre of a hefty price hike, has sparked anger among residents on both sides of the border.

The issue even was brought up at Monday night’s council meeting (although it was tabled for future discussion).

Taking care of our seniors

One of our most important priorities as a government is to take care of our seniors.

Canada’s population is getting older. In 1991, a 65-year-old Canadian woman could expect to live another 20 years; four years longer than a 65-year-old Canadian man.

Good news, but . . .

Politicians from different levels of government shouldn’t be allowed in the same room together because they’re apt to engage in a silly little show of one-upmanship—with taxpayers’ money at stake.