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One for the ages

Just when you thought the turmoil surrounding the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party couldn't get any more ridiculous, it did.

After being turfed from the PC caucus on Friday morning, former leader Patrick Brown arrived at party headquarters that afternoon to enter the leadership race with about an hour to spare before the registration deadline.

Great to hear

Word that the International Tug-of-War between Fort Frances and International Falls is being revived this summer is welcomed news, indeed.

A collaboration between the local Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Club and the Backus Community Center in the Falls, the event is planned for Saturday, June 30 in conjunction with the annual dragon boat festival at the Sorting Gap Marina.

Outcry off base

The Senate last week passed the bill to change two words of “O Canada” to make it gender-neutral—almost eight months after its initial passage by the House of Commons.


With new revelations of sexual misconduct and other forms of harassment being levelled almost daily against politicians of all stripes and levels, Canadians must be wondering just who we have entrusted to run our country (or respective province), not to mention spend our money wisely.

Smart decision

Whether a world-famous recording artist or glamorous movie star, or someone who serves up your morning coffee at the local shop, everyone loves to be recognized for the work they do.

Don't squeak, roar

A town delegation once again is heading to Toronto to “bend the ear" of various provincial ministers and parliamentary secretaries on seemingly chronic issues such as the need for a full-time Crown Attorney and resident judge here, the lack of "Connecting Link” funding to help repair our deteriorating roads, and timber management, just to name a few.

Falling short

Citing a “significant compression" between principal and superintendent compensation inconsistent with its recruitment needs, the Rainy River Distict School Board has proposed an "Executive Compensation Program" to "reduce the gap, rectify the inequity, and support succession planning into the future.”

Truly lucky

Sometimes it take the perception of others to put things into perspective for the rest of us.

Rami Canoon, the father of a second Iraqi refugee family that arrived in Fort Frances just this past Friday, didn't seem to mind the bitter cold that greeted them.

Forging ahead

Communities which lose their major industry/employer often succumb to a downward spiral that inevitably drains the life out of them.

Looking back at 2017, that certainly isn't the case here.

Solution needed

Town council's reasoning for not re-opening the office at Point Park during the summer months was solid.

There is the expense involved, including renovations to the building, as well as the need for a cash register, point of sale terminal, and phone and Internet connections.