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Off-base policy

Jumbo shrimp. Progressive Conservative. Military intelligence. Old news. Temporary tax increase. Act naturally. These are all examples of oxymorons—defined as a figure of speech combining seemingly contradictory expressions.

Well, another one can be added to the list: mandatory volunteerism.

A sorry state

Unless you were visiting another planet, or stranded on a deserted island here on this one, you know the big controversy gripping Canadians from coast to coast to coast last week was the heart-wrenching saga over whether Ron MacLean would be back as host of Hockey Night in Canada.

A success story

The Rainy River District School Board deserves high marks for its concerted effort to improve local students’ results on the provincial Grade 10 literacy test, which saw the board jump from the lowest-ranked in Ontario to above the provincial average.

All in the space of a year.

It’s up to us

Despite mediocre results, at best, with a 49.52 percent return rate, town council on Monday night voted to stick with the mail-in ballot system for the next municipal election in November, 2003.

Now let’s see results

It’s been said before, but is worth repeating, that there’s no way Fort Frances and International Falls should have waited 100 years to become “sister cities.”

But now that it’s finally official after last Thursday afternoon’s signing ceremonies both here and across the river, there’s no time to waste in putting our renewed spirit of goodwill and co-operation to serious work.


As the world marks the first anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks on the United States last Sept. 11, most people will remember the utter disbelief they felt while scenes of the destruction and chaos in New York City, Washington, D.C., and a field in Pennsylvania unfolded on their TV screens.

It was surreal then—and remains so today.

Helping hands

It’s often difficult to truly grasp what benefits a local service club provides unless the result is standing before you in living colour.

Such was the case here Saturday night when first a young family from International Falls, and then a mother of four from Galveston, Texas, stood up to share their stories of how the Shrine Club helped them out in their time of need.

A delicate balance

If you spent a good part of June helplessly watching the rising lake flood your property, swamp your dock, or erode your shoreline, then chances are the International Joint Commission and its rule curves (last updated in 1999) were a convenient scapegoat.