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Remarkable effort

Many of the programs have been featured previously in the newspaper, through stories and photographs, over the years. But when it came time to compile a special supplement in conjunction with the World Health Organization conference here next week, it was truly eye-opening to realize just how much effort is going into promoting safety in Rainy River District.

Welcome tourists

The tourism season will burst on Rainy River District in just three short weeks.

Much has changed since last September. Tourism is a people industry, and we must make our visitors feel welcome and safe when they cross the border into Northwestern Ontario. We also cannot forget tourism is the second-largest income generator in the district—and we are all in the tourism business.

Election needed

With not a whole lot of new faces sitting around the Cabinet table after Monday’s shuffle, Ontarians are sure to get antsy pretty quickly wondering just how Premier Ernie Eves plans to usher in a “kinder, gentler” government than that of his predecessor, Mike Harris.

Quit fudging

It hasn’t been a banner week for town council.

First, residents are left scratching their heads that the town has decided—in its wisdom—that perhaps a full traffic study is warranted after all with regards to the new Canada Customs and Immigration facility here.

Hello? Like, shouldn’t that have been done before the thing was built?

Nip twinning in the bud

Under the “Oh no, not again” file . . .

Yes, that dreaded “T” word is being floated around again by town leaders. As in “twinning” Fort Frances with another town/city. Also as in “time (and money) wasted.”

Time to act

Council may only have two speakers coming forward so far to speak on the smoking bylaw issue at a special meeting next Tuesday night, but the more than 700 cards—each representing a household—delivered by the Northwestern Health Unit to council speaks that second-hand smoke is a major concern in Fort Frances.

A big step forward

The local campus of Confederation College has scored another coup with the formal announcement Saturday that it and colleges in Minnesota will be able to share courses via videoconferencing starting this fall.

Where have they gone?

Alarm bells should be ringing in municipal offices across the Rainy River district since the release of the 2001 census results on Tuesday.

The overall population of the district has declined by 4.4 percent. Statistics Canada numbers show a Fort Frances drop of 5.4 percent to a population of 8,315.

'Iron fist' wrong tack

Dr. Pete Sarsfield has taken the Northwestern Health Unit’s anti-smoking crusade a big step further by notifying municipalities in the Rainy River and Kenora districts that second-hand smoke is a “health hazard.”

Olympic effort

To say Canada’s Olympic team got off to a slow start in Salt Lake City is probably the understatement of the year—crowned by that image of speed skater Jeremy Wotherspoon sprawled on the ice (“like Bambi,” as one sportswriter put it).

But, wow, what a finish!