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Tough dilemma

The municipal council of Fort Frances has been quite forthright about the community’s financial shape. The town’s financial books may not be as rosy as they have been in the past decade, but the community’s reserves do cover its total debt.

Warmer ties needed

The chilliness that characterized the relationship between former prime minister Jean Chrétien and U.S. President George W. Bush certainly wasn’t new—if anything, a warm, friendly camaraderie between prime ministers and presidents has been the exception, not the rule, over the past 40 years.

Clean slate?

It’s natural for people to associate New Year’s with starting fresh, wiping the slate clean, so to speak, and moving on free of the baggage from the past 365 days.

Class act

John Manley bailed. So did Herb Dhaliwal. Allan Rock also left, though not before accepting the plum post of Canadian ambassador to the United Nations in New York City.

Be part of the team

The ballots are out. Many have already chosen their candidates and have sent them back into the town to be counted. In today’s edition of the Fort Frances Times, candidates were invited to tell the community about their backgrounds and their reasons they wanted to be part of the municipal council and school board.

Vital component

Across the Rainy River District, it has always been recognized that the tourism industry is important to the district’s economy.

Now, the report entitled, “The Economic Impact of Tourism in Northwestern Ontario,” puts real economic value to the industry with clear job numbers. This study is a bright star of success in a otherwise cloudy picture of other industries’ decline.

Cheers to our champs

There’s a long-standing formula when it comes to the establishment of elite athletes.

Have them grow up in a large metropolis area, receive the best coaching money can buy, have them train at top-notch facilities, and give them that extra push by having them face a wealth of premium competition right in their own backyard. Shake well, and watch them rise to greatness.

The rocky road to Afghanistan

“I will not give a single rock of this land to the Kremlin

or a handful of soil of this garden to Washington

I will not give a thorn of the roses of this land to Germany.

I swear to Almighty Allah that I may die, but I will

Not give away this land to London.”

Graffiti from a building in Kabul, Afghanistan 2003