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Perfect fit

A few months ago, when the Fort Frances Nursery School was looking for a new home after the local public school board voted to proceed with the closure of Alexander MacKenzie, the option that seemed like a perfect fit was to incorporate it with the local library.

True heroism

It’s amazing how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye.

One minute, you’re cruising across a frozen lake on a snowmachine with a group of friends; the next, you’re in frigid water fighting for your life.

Where's the province?

Given the uproar surrounding Dr. Pete Sarsfield’s determination to take district businesses to court—using taxpayers’ money—to force them to comply with his ban on smoking in all enclosed public places, this isn’t the best time for the Northwestern Health Unit to be going to district municipalities seeking a five percent increase in its per capita levy.

Tragic lesson

The contrails from the fiery demise of space shuttle Columbia in the clear blue sky over Texas on Saturday morning had barely faded away when the chorus began of the need to keep the space program going despite the tragedy.

Centennial gift

Fur is what brought the first voyageurs to this area some 300 years ago, but it was the lure of the forest—and the seemingly boundless timber resources—that laid the foundation for this town to be officially born in 1903.

Raise a stink

There have been a deluge of letters to the editor of late over Dr. Pete Sarsfield’s ongoing efforts to ban smoking in all enclosed public places as well as whether Wal-Mart will proceed with building a store here.

But where’s the outcry over an equally serious, if not moreso, problem facing Fort Frances residents. Namely, that we’re being ripped off by our own provincial government.

Broadband essential

Although it appears funding for two separate studies on the feasibility of delivering broadband access to rural municipalities and First Nations of Rainy River District won’t be forthcoming because of a push towards one regional effort, it is important that senior levels of governments understand the value of the Internet.