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Lest we forget

“Lest we forget” is as synonymous with Remembrance Day as the poppy.

First and foremost, the simple, three-word phrase—which Wikipedia says first was used in a 1897 poem written by Rudyard Kipling entitled “Recessional”—is a poignant reminder to all of us to never forget the brave men and women who gave their lives far from home in defence of our freedoms and values we enjoy today.

Keep it positive

Thankfully, we only have to put up with the political ads that have littered U.S. airwaves for months for less than a week more—at least until the next election cycle there rolls around again in two years.

Troubling total

When all was said and done here Monday night, just over 51 percent of the eligible voters in Fort Frances cast ballots in the municipal election.

A very disappointing number to be sure—especially considering people had a full eight days to vote for their choice for mayor, town council, and the local public school board.

Have your say

The candidates for councils and the local school boards across the district have made their choice to seek election, and have been pleading their case for office through lawn signs, pamphlets/brochures, and submitting profiles to the newspaper.

Pivotal change

The issues facing the community of Fort Frances clearly were spelled out by the candidates attending the forum hosted by the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce last night at the Townshend Theatre.

The tasks identified by the two mayoral hopefuls and seven of the eight candidates for council included:

Year-round role

Whether you're an actor up for an Oscar or Emmy, a singer nominated for a Grammy, a writer vying for a Pulitzer Prize, a scientist in line for a Nobel Prize, or even a community newspaper hoping to win a provincial or national award, we all relish having our life's work recognized by our peers.

Lots to do here

Nothing to do in Fort Frances, you say? Think again.

Almost 30 local clubs and groups are attending a “1-Stop Registration” event being held tomorrow (Sept. 6) from 5-7:30 p.m. in the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium. That's right, almost 30!