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Keep it going

The local “Terry Fox Run” has seen its ups and downs over the years, but the fact it has continued for 35 years is an amazing testament to not only the generosity of district residents but also the efforts of those who have taken on the task to organize it.

Clock ticking

Granted, the sampling size is small but of the 284 respondents to the Times’ weekly web poll as of late this morning, one-quarter said they are “totally” paying attention to the federal election so far.

Almost half (46 percent) said they were “somewhat” paying attention while less than one-third of respondents (29 percent) said they weren’t paying attention at all.

Define ‘recession’

Canada was in a technical recession for the first six months of this year.

However, in the month of June, the economy grew, beginning to pull the Canadian economy out of recession.

It was the government, under the Conservatives, which passed legislation that said two consecutive quarters of negative growth would indicate a recession.

No ‘fools’

No doubt there will be plenty of local viewers, particularly those who are personal friends with the Shotgun Exploration crew, when Season 2 of “Fool’s Gold” debuts Tuesday, Sept. 8 on Discovery.

Shining examples

The focus certainly has been on the athletic achievements of local and former residents of late—highlighted by Saturday night’s inaugural induction banquet for the new Fort Frances Sports Hall of Fame and, of course, “Duncan Keith Day” back on Aug. 1.

But the recent efforts of local young people—far from the realm of an arena or sports field—are equally deserving of recognition.

Don’t re-invent the wheel

Premier Kathleen Wynne unveiled the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) yesterday.

The plan will be phased in over time. It will not be fully implemented until 2020. Benefits will begin being paid out in 2022.

This was Wynne’s election issue and comes with opposition from the governing federal Conservatives.

Resounding ‘no’

An 11-week election campaign? A bad dream, right?

Alas, no.

Sure, by making the campaign official, rules (enforceable ones) are now in place that govern everything from party spending to third-party advertising. But just what has Prime Minister Stephen Harper really set in motion by unleashing the longest election campaign in modern Canadian history?

Corner turned?

Like any event that’s been running for more than two decades, the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship faces the challenge of keeping people wanting to attend it year after year.

But while there’s no question the FFCBC is a far cry from its heyday in terms of team numbers, activities, and attendance, there are signs our annual bass tournament is on the rebound.

Exciting summer

There was a time in Fort Frances where very few summer community activities occurred. Not anymore.

One only has had to look at this year’s July calendar.

In the last weekend of June, Couchiching First Nation was going to play host to their giant annual pow-wow.