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Going backwards

The Ontario Ford government has a new license plate slogan “A Place To Grow” and yet for Northern Ontario residents and students, the government is making it more difficult to grow and become educated, let alone develop new skills for the changing 21st century economy.

Happy hour?

With the Ford government adding the slogans “Open for Business" and "A Place to Grow" to Ontario licence plates in the future, "Happy Hour is Here” might be a third tagline to consider.

Debate welcomed

We welcome debate in our newspapers through letters to the editor. We welcome youth activism in our schools and on our streets. This past week we have seen both.

Diversity of opinion is welcomed when it is well-reasoned and presents alternative ideas and solutions to issues whether they are community or provincially-driven.

Our library is forward-thinking

It is not a dramatic charting of a whole new direction for the library. Instead, the new strategic plan recently unveiled by the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre is progressive, building on well-planned understanding about what a public library needs to be in the 21st century.

Endless ideas

Ask yourself if you are prepared to invest in future opportunities across Rainy River District? Could the district find 100 people willing to invest $100,000 into a Community Investment Fund.

Roller coaster

For the past three months, the district has been on a roller-coaster ride. It began with the announcement in early December that an investment group known as Repap was interested in bidding on the mill in Fort Frances up to word Monday morning that Resolute had rejected the offer delivered late Thursday afternoon.

Don't wait on province

The announcement by the Ministry of Health to reorganize health-care delivery across the province almost mimics a recent Northern Policy Institute study that looked at local decision-making in the health-care system in Northern Ontario.

Our volunteers are priceless

Did you ever stop to think how much our lives are enriched by volunteers?

Pause and think about how much our everyday common lives benefit by all the work that volunteers do. Without volunteers, cultural programs such as Tour De Fort, Kids & Company or the Border Concert series would never exist.

Coming together

“All of us together is wondrous”

(Len-People “Come Together” lyrics)

A community grows when it comes together. We've watched as the community of Rainy River District grew together behind the council of Fort Frances in working to have the fibre from the Crossroute Forest clearly designated for the mill at Fort Frances.

What did we miss?

With a common voice, area reeves, mayors, and chiefs came out in support of Fort Frances council last night to pass a resolution holding the provincial government accountable for making wood from the Crossroute Forest available to any new operator of the idled mill here.