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Never waver

The terrorist attacks like the ones that rocked Paris on Friday night, and the bombing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula two weeks ago, are unleashed with one goal in mind: to spread fear.

The economic fallout often is immediate—and potentially devastating—if that fear prevents people from travelling and injecting much-needed tourism dollars into countries.

Lest we forget

We pause each year—at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month—to remember those who gave their lives for Canada, or more precisely, the freedoms and values we cherish as a nation.

Salute our youth

Every community has young stars, and while they may not quite have celebrity status, they deserve to be in the spotlight for all they have accomplished.

Who are they? They are our future leaders—Ontario’s youth.

Hand in hand

It’s not even Hallowe’en yet so Canada Day likely is the last thing on people’s minds these days.

But though July 1 is eight months away, that’s a relative “blink of the eye” when it comes to planning Canada Day activities, which is why the town is issuing a plea now for volunteers to help with the organizing.

Time to deliver

It’s clear the Liberals’ surprise surge from third-party status to majority government in Monday’s federal election wasn’t so much a case of “Trudeaumania II” but an overwhelming desire to vote out Stephen Harper’s Conservatives after almost a decade in power.

No excuse

Twin suicide bombings at a “peace” rally in Turkey over the weekend killed dozens and injured scores more.

In countless other countries, people have to brave death threats in order to cast a ballot—if they even are allowed to vote at all.


Many community events that have been around for 17 years often exhibit signs of getting tired or simply being the same-old, same-old.

Not so with the Riverside Foundation for Health Care’s annual fundraising dinner—and all because of the amazing efforts of its Special Events committee.

Much better than crickets

Town council’s annual call for public input into its budget process typically is greeted by the proverbial sound of crickets chirping.

That wasn’t the case this year, however, as about a half-dozen groups either wrote letters or stepped to the podium to make requests for council to mull in 2016.

Keep it going

The local “Terry Fox Run” has seen its ups and downs over the years, but the fact it has continued for 35 years is an amazing testament to not only the generosity of district residents but also the efforts of those who have taken on the task to organize it.

Clock ticking

Granted, the sampling size is small but of the 284 respondents to the Times’ weekly web poll as of late this morning, one-quarter said they are “totally” paying attention to the federal election so far.

Almost half (46 percent) said they were “somewhat” paying attention while less than one-third of respondents (29 percent) said they weren’t paying attention at all.