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What community is all about


Being a citizen of a community involves more than just paying your taxes and mowing the grass on the boulevard.

Mayor June Caul put a call out to the community on Monday evening to recognize the problems associated with homelessness, addictions and mental health.

Clearly, as Mayor Caul stated, “All people residing in Fort Frances permanently or for a short time deserve respect, no matter what their lifestyle is.”

We should go further, saying neither color nor ethnicity should matter.

Mayor Caul went on to encourage residents to donate food or money to a licensed food bank if they wished to help the program locally.

Fort Frances has a tradition of reaching out to help. It has been tested with fires, industry closing, severe illnesses and acceptance of refugees.

As a community we have filled shelves at food banks and found clothing and shelter for those less fortunate.

We have shown our generosity in helping families get back on their feet after suffering devastating fires.

That is what being a community is all about.

Mayor Caul reminded us Monday night that we also have a responsibility to help those suffering from addictions, who are down on their luck, need a home, food for their family, or who are trying to get a legitimate job to make ends meet.

Being members of this community, we must do everything to make people who live or visit here feel safe and continue to make Fort Frances a welcoming place.

—Jim Cumming

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