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The sizzle of food on the grill. The pop and fizz of a cold beverage being opened. The hum of the fan or air conditioner. The laughter of children as they jump through the sprinkler or splash into the river or lake.

These are the sounds of summer.

Another one many of us probably haven't heard in quite a while is the jingle-jangle echoing down the street which can only mean one thing—ice cream!

Whether we had jobs pedalling the Dickie Dee (a very profitable profession in the dog days of summer, I've heard) or were simply customers who enjoyed the convenience of ice cream treats being delivered right to us (who needs SkipTheDishes?), many people have fond memories of the Dickie Dee.

Creamsicles, red white and blue “firecrackers," orange root beer and chocolate banana pops, fudgsicles, Drumsticks. A rainbow of flavours at various price points. Couldn't quite afford the 75¢ "ghost pop?” No problem, you still have enough change for a Freezie.

And now, like a refreshingly cold blast from the past, local young entrepreneurs have revived the business model and have been pedalling around town to sell their frosty treats.

Calling the business “Kooler Kidz,” Willem Kirk and sister duo, Ainsley and Abi Matheson, have gotten an old Dickie Dee bike all fixed up and plan to hit the streets every Thursday and Saturday this summer, as well as any public events where someone might like to buy frozen treats.

Such gumption in heartening. Here are some young local entrepreneurs who recognized the seasonal demand for a product and had the initiative to carry through with a plan to get their business up and running.

Children's entrepreneurial spirits must be fostered. At the very least, Willem, Ainsley and Abi will make some cash and learn about business—and have a success story to tell their classmates when they're called on in school this September to talk about how they spent their summer vacation.

But one or two bikes could one day become a whole Kooler Kidz fleet. Maybe each member of the trio will start their own business in the future. The sky's the limit.

The same goes for any other burgeoning entrepreneurs. The successful business people of tomorrow already are among us today.

Give them a chance, give them support.

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