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Solution needed


Town council's reasoning for not re-opening the office at Point Park during the summer months was solid.

There is the expense involved, including renovations to the building, as well as the need for a cash register, point of sale terminal, and phone and Internet connections.

Other expenses include a hike in electricity and communication costs to the town, not to mention the need to hire two additional student labourers to provide seven-day-a-week coverage at the office.

Equally important, the town was right to note that staffing the office until 9 p.m. each night is unlikely to curb the vandalism and alcohol/drug use problems that prompted the local Police Services Board to ask for it to be re-opened.

As such, OPP responses to the park would not be reduced by having staff on hand from 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

But if re-opening the park office is not the answer, neither is simply turning a blind eye to the issue of long-term, transient individuals causing problems with partying and vandalism—to the point of other campers using the park being concerned about their safety.

The town's website does advertise 18 campsites with hydro and water hook-ups at Point Park. Yet if we want to attract potential out-of-town visitors to the site, what kind of image of the town does it project if unruly behaviour runs rampant there?

A solution is needed. No one wants to see the park closed to campers but having a rowdy or shoddy one open is far worse.

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