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Running battle


While there are numerous fundraising events both locally and nationally each year dedicated to fighting and winning the battle against cancer, none seem to strike such an emotional chord as the Terry Fox Run.

The hero label never applied so accurately to any individual in this country’s history as it does to Fox, whose courage and endurance in running the Marathon of Hope back in 1982 are well-documented and yet continue to offer an undeniable source of inspiration to millions both here in Canada and around the world more than three decades later.

There is no way any of us can truly fathom what kind of inner strength and mental toughness it must have took the B.C. native to run the equivalent of a regular marathon—42km—every single day over the course of five consecutive months.

The Terry Fox Run is a vital tool in developing the remedy that the world continually crosses its fingers will become reality one day.

Upon hearing recently that its continuation in Fort Frances was in doubt for this year motivated me to help pick up the torch and keep the flame of hope burning on the local front.

It may be more than two months off, but come Sept. 18, myself and Gail Beyak of the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau are aiming to have the most successful Terry Fox Run this town has ever seen.

We cannot do it without your help. So start thinking now about participating in whatever fashion works best for you.

Collect pledges and make preparations to run or walk or cycle or wheelchair in the event yourself. Join our organizational efforts. Plan your own fundraising event to contribute to the cause.

Even the simple act of signing your name on someone else’s pledge sheet, no matter how small or large your monetary contribution is, can help bring this war against this heartless, faceless enemy to an end one day.

Let us all remember what Terry Fox did not only with our words and thoughts, but with our actions.

We owe him and all the loved ones we have lost to cancer at least that much.

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