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Olympic pride


The Olympics will open in just over two days. As Canadians, our hearts swell whenever we watch a Canadian compete.

In Rio, 313 athletes will make up the Canadian Olympic team with 60 percent of the competitors being women. They range in age from 16-year-old Shallon Olsen competing in artistic Gymnastics for 59-year -old Lesley Thomson-Willy competing in rowing.

Ontario has the largest continent of athletes with 132, followed by BC with 68 and Quebec 54.

Beginning on Friday and running through Aug. 21, listening or watching on television or tablets or phones, Canadians will choose to be not too far separated from our athletes. And when the Olympics finish, we will take up the torch again for our Paralympians.

Competing for Canada is the dream of every athlete. Cheering our Canadian Olympians on to victory whether in the pool, on the athletic field or any other venue allows us all to participate—whether we are at the venue or sitting at home.

We all become Olympians living in the moment of our national team.

For many of our athletes, a medal may not be the final result of their competition. Instead of a personal best, it’s the chance to represent Canada and make 35 million Canadians proud of their country and way of life.

The Olympics are as much about sports as they are about patriotism.

Beginning Friday night, and for the next two weeks, we will all stand a little taller, and walk a little prouder, reflecting in the success of those 313 athletes representing Canada.

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