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A safe space

Members of several different organizations in Fort Frances celebrated the official opening of a sexual assault and patient care area at La Verendrye Hospital and with good reason.

Nominate them

Do you know a young person who is involved in worthwhile community service, is contributing while living with a limitation, has performed an heroic act, demonstrates individual excellence, or is going above and beyond to help others?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can nominate them today to be recognized with an Ontario Junior Citizen Award.

Two minutes

As Nov. 11 draws near, one question pops up in many Canadians' minds: Should Remembrance Day be a statutory holiday in every province across Canada?

While the federal government does acknowledge Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia do not.

'What if?'

Last month, residents in town were warned, yet again, about being aware of fraudulent or scam phone calls.

This is a refrain that repeats frequently, because we have a larger aging population, and scammers seem to thrive by preying on those who aren't as technology proficient as others, and who then might not be as aware of what's wrong.

Newspapers matter

Oct. 6-12 marks the 79th annual National Newspaper Week, an opportunity to recognize the critical role that newspapers play in an active and healthy democracy.

News Media Canada—the association that represents the Canadian news media industry—is urging Canadians to show their support for newspaper journalism.

Rowan's Law

Today marks “Rowan's Law Day,” the first official day in Ontario meant to help raise awareness about concussion safety.

Rowan's Law is named after Rowan Stringer, a high school rugby player from Ottawa, who died in 2013. She had a condition known as second impact syndrome (swelling of the brain caused by a subsequent injury that occurred before a previous injury healed).

What ethics?

Have we come to expect our politicians to lie to our faces?

The Canadian Press reported Friday Ontario's budget deficit now stands at $7.4 billion—nearly half of the $15 billion Premier Doug Ford claimed he inherited last year from the previous Liberal government.