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We wonder . . .

The announcement late Monday afternoon answered one question and created a list of new ones.

Yes, the Fort Frances paper mill was sold to Riversedge Developments. But what does that mean?

Now we will wait for an announcement from Justus Veldman, the president of Riversedge Developments, to fill us in on their intentions.

Volunteer now

The local Fun in the Sun committee deserves a round of applause for once again putting on a Canada Day to remember.

How does it all happen? Well, money doesn't hurt and the local Canada Day celebration got a boost from the community support it received through several fundraisers, as well as a shot in the arm from the Moffat Family Fund.

Generous benefactor

The Town of Fort Frances divvied up over $93,000 to 17 local organizations here Monday evening, money which will help them put on events, provide free programming to the public, and buy new equipment.

This is all thanks to the Moffat Family Fund.


Local youth will jump—not to mention tumble, vault, cartwheel, kip, somersault, and backflip—for joy when the new Rainy Lake Gymnastics Academy starts up here this fall.

The academy will be operating out of the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium, offering an alternative athletic activity which has not been available here since 2007.

Could green equal green?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's announcement Monday to ban harmful single-use plastics is a historic moment.

Canada is getting on board the international wave to help reduce plastic waste, the toll of which is becoming more apparent each day as horror stories from around the world make headlines.

Time to act

The final report of the national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has been released, weighing in at 1,200 pages and providing a total of 231 recommendations.

The 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada report, coming in at over 2,500 pages in six volumes, produced 94 recommendations.

What community is all about

Being a citizen of a community involves more than just paying your taxes and mowing the grass on the boulevard.

Mayor June Caul put a call out to the community on Monday evening to recognize the problems associated with homelessness, addictions and mental health.

Leaders must be standard bearers

Will your community be flying the rainbow flag next month?

The second-annual Pride festival is getting underway this week with the first-ever Rainy River Pride Walk this Saturday. It will be followed by a series of more than a dozen events and activities over the next couple of weeks, with the majority taking place during PRIDE WEEK+ (June 2-9).