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What ethics?

Have we come to expect our politicians to lie to our faces?

The Canadian Press reported Friday Ontario's budget deficit now stands at $7.4 billion—nearly half of the $15 billion Premier Doug Ford claimed he inherited last year from the previous Liberal government.

Two-way street

With school back in session, the streets are seeing more bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

What this means is residents—not just school age children—who are walking and riding bicycles on the sidewalks and roadways must take measures to ensure they are safe and following the law.

Exhibit caution

Safety must guide us at all times.

Whether we are on a ladder changing a light bulb in our home, painting a ceiling, or operating a power tool, one must always be vigilant to danger.

Safety first

It is the last long weekend of the summer.

It is also the weekend that parents begin the road trips to colleges and universities across the country.

It is often the weekend that cabins and cottages are closed for the season, and it is also a weekend of the final, big parties at the lake with friends.

Vital event

Another Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society's fall fair has come and gone, and whether you happened to make it out to Emo or not, there's little doubt the fair continues to be a vital district event.

Province must act

If Ontario is open for business, Greg Rickford, our member of Provincial Parliament, must impress upon Doug Ford and his colleagues at Queen's Park that the Ontario government cannot stand idly by while a Quebec company monopolizes Northwestern Ontario's forests and makes it impossible to restart the Fort Frances mill and provide hundreds of jobs across the Rainy River District.

Salute inductees

Saturday evening will see the induction of a new group of people into the Fort Frances Sports Hall of Fame.

The original idea of Dave Egan, Terry Ogden and Larry Patrick has become a full reality. This year's inductees cover a broad range of sports. From powerlifting, to football, to hockey, and racquet sports, this is a diverse group of individuals and teams being recognized.

Meet candidates

The starting lineup for the Thunder Bay Rainy River Riding is now complete.

On Monday evening, Dr. Marcus Powlowski was named the Liberal candidate for the coming election. He joins Conservative Linda Rydholm and New Democrat candidate Yuk-Sem Won on the ballot.

We wonder . . .

The announcement late Monday afternoon answered one question and created a list of new ones.

Yes, the Fort Frances paper mill was sold to Riversedge Developments. But what does that mean?

Now we will wait for an announcement from Justus Veldman, the president of Riversedge Developments, to fill us in on their intentions.