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Culturama axed this year

For the first time its 18-year history here, the annual ethnic celebration known as “Culturama” has been cancelled—a consequence of depleted volunteer and funding pools, organizers revealed Monday.

“It’s just such an awful lot of work and there’s not enough people to run it. The volunteers are just tired,” Sig Mosley, chairman of the Culturama committee, said Monday.

‘Ag Days’ bloom in Barwick

The second-annual Rainy River “Ag Days” and Trade Show seemed to go without a hitch last Friday and Saturday in Barwick, with organizers and participants very pleased with the results.

“I think overall it was pretty good,” noted organizer Kim Cornell. “The evaluations that were turned in were very positive.

MNR following leads on fire bug

No charges have been laid yet in the two fires that were believed to be deliberately set April 1 in Dawson Township, north of Rainy River, but the Ministry of Natural Resources is saying it has a few leads.

“We are pursuing a few leads basically from our initial investigation on April 1,” said Howard Dupuis, sector response officer at the Fort Frances Fire Management Headquarters.

Guba retires from Cloverleaf

“I came in without a fuss and I want to go out the same way,” said Adelia Guba. No balloons, nothing other than goodbye.

On Tuesday, March 31, after her regular eight-hour shift, Guba left Cloverleaf Grocery with no regrets, bringing to an end 32 years of dedicated, faithful service.

“It was time for the retirement,” Dan Loney said when I spoke to him about her leaving.

Fire consumes Chapple home

Two buildings and 40 acres of grassland went up in flames Saturday around 2 p.m. about five miles north of Emo in Chapple township after a family bonfire got out of control.

Chapple Fire Chief Larry Hunsperger said the family was having a wiener roast between a house and a house-trailer when the fire got away from them.