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Fight boils over sturgeon stock

Is the sturgeon population in the Rainy River/Lake of the Woods system strong enough to withstand the removal of 200 immature fish a year?

Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Natural Resources here are saying “yes" but the cry from Rainy River First Nations is a resounding "no.”

Atikokan flood relief gets boost

Flood relief efforts in Atikokan got a big financial shot-in-the-arm yesterday thanks to a $10,000 cheque from Videon and Cancom.

“It's really something,” enthused Moreen Cox, a flood disaster relief volunteer.

“This is the biggest donation by far," she noted. "There have been some astronomical amounts of financial loss for a town this size.”

Region’s tourism potential being tapped

Darryl Lewis, the person in charge of community planning for Duluth, Mn., spoke Friday at the “Northern Networks” trade conference here to explain his department’s outlook on tourism.

“We’re a crossroads," he noted of people travelling east and west and north and south en route to destinations. ”And we’re looking to attract them for one or two-night stays.