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Dumped ashes from mill could be asset to farmers

Wood ash from the local mills, which could be used by farmers to improve soil quality is now being shipped by the truck load to landfill sites.

Some Rainy River area farmers are hoping to work out a deal with the mills based on the success of other cooperative partnerships in Thunder Bay and Minnesota where the ashes are being distributed to farms instead of dumps.

Nothing but seeds for local entrepreneurs

Seeds are planted, watered, grown, and harvested. And in the case of Larry and Linda Lamb, they’re also cleaned.

Lamb has retained distribution rights on many varieties of seed in Northwestern Ontario. His business began as an alternative to shipping seeds to Manitoba for treatment, and he’s since become one of the primary seed distributors in Northwestern Ontario.

DSSAB starting over on funding formula

The Rainy River Social Services Administration Board is going back to square one in the choice of an apportionment formula that will dictate each municipality’s share towards its budget.

One formula already had been chosen by the board but a misunderstanding in the voting process forced it to put all three options back on the table at an emergency meeting here Tuesday night.

Region ‘burdened’ by preventable health problems

From smoking to motor-vehicle injuries, the lifestyle of people living in Northwestern Ontario is not a healthy one, according to figures in a recent study by the Health Statistics Division of Statistics Canada.

The stats aren’t good. On average, Northwestern Ontario residents are more obese—and more likely to die young than in the rest of the province or country.