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Vet again hosting seminar


As district farmers get into calving season, it can be difficult to escape from the herd and meet up with other producers.

To provide those in the agricultural community with a chance to get away from the barn and learn about common issues affecting other farmers, Dr. Stacey Angus of Kingsford Veterinary Services is hosting a spring producers' meeting on Thursday, April 11 from 6-9 p.m. at the Emo Legion.

“My goal is to try and bring new information and new resources into the area to help the farmers,” she remarked.

“We're a little bit remote compared to most of the large agricultural areas so sometimes we kind of get left in the dust in terms of new information,” she noted.

The event will include a presentation from Boehringer Ingelheim Canada on vaccination and de-worming and a discussion on nutrition and fly control from Cargill Canada.

As well, Dr. Angus will be covering elective vaccination programs.

“I think it is always good for people to refresh themselves on proper vaccination protocols, and how they can get the best bang for their buck in terms of vaccines and de-worming,” she reasoned.

“We had a really bad year last year in terms of fly control, so I'm looking forward to learning for myself even what some of the different products are and some of the newer things that might help with that,” Dr. Angus added.

“We had a really bad pink eye season in cattle last year and that was partially due to not being able to control the flies in the livestock.”

Her elective vaccination programs presentation will look at diseases that are less common in the district, as well as educate producers on best practices with respect to non-mandatory vaccines.

The event is geared towards livestock and cattle farmers but everyone is welcome to attend.

Dr. Angus is anticipating about 60-80 people at the event. when she held it for the first time last year, she was unsure of what to expect for turnout and ended up with more than 60 people crammed into the Morley municipal office.

So this year, she moved the event to the Emo Legion to ensure there was enough space to meet comfortably.

“Going back to the last one, we focused a bit more on basic vaccine protocol and bio-security,” Dr. Angus noted.

"Some of it people just hadn't thought about it in a long time or they were wanting to make changes.

“This time, we're trying to cover all of our bases in terms of having healthy cattle,” she added.

The meeting also is a great opportunity for farmers to build connections with the speakers so when they have questions, they have someone to turn to.

“The companies also provide a lot of products so just getting a better idea of what's available and what might help them,” Dr. Angus remarked.

As well, she noted the event is great for bringing the farming community together under one roof for an evening.

“For the last one, when we got done it took quite a while for the room to clear out because everybody wanted to have a chit-chat,” Dr. Angus recalled.

"They hadn't talked to their neighbour in a while.

“Everybody kind of gets tucked up in their barns for calving season," she noted. "They don't necessarily get out and socialize or have a chance to enjoy the spring weather.”

Dr. Angus said she is looking forward to seeing all the fellow producers out and also learning about issues affecting the agricultural community.

“I think it's going to be a good evening to get some new information,” she noted.

"Hopefully some things that people hadn't thought about, or tips and tricks to try and improve their pasture and grazing season so they get the best profit they can out of their animals in the end.

“It's going to be a good, all-round meeting to cover those bases,” Dr. Angus added.

“Anybody who wants to come out is definitely welcome.”

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