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No evidence of fixing gas prices: bureau


The Competition Bureau has concluded its investigation into high gasoline prices in northwestern Ontario, and announced yesterday it did not find evidence that an offence under the Competition Act has occurred.

As part of the investigation, bureau officers conducted field interviews at a total of 50 gas stations in the communities of Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, Dryden and Kenora.

The bureau also collected and analyzed pricing data from various sources, and examined regional market characteristics such as wholesale gasoline supply and distribution.

The bureau did not uncover evidence of anti-competitive agreements among competitors in the wholesale or retail gasoline markets.

The bureau has also released a public statement to this effect that is available on its website.

Cracking down on anti-competitive conduct in the gasoline sector remains a priority for the bureau. Should the bureau become aware of evidence of anti-competitive activity at any time in the future, it will not hesitate to take action.

Anyone with information about price-fixing or other anti-competitive activity can contact the Competition Bureau by calling 1-800-348-5358 or by submitting a complaint online.

Keep in mind that high or identical prices by themselves are not evidence of illegal activity. There needs to be hard evidence of an illegal agreement between competitors.

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