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Girl again donates hair to cause


Local youngster Alexandra Malgo admits she loves her hair—but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be difficult to part ways with it.

“I loved my hair a lot,” the nine-year-old remarked. “[But] it feels good [to have it all cut off].”

“It was sort of hard when she was cutting my ponytail off because I really love my hair,” she conceded.

Rather than cut her hair off and throw it in the trash, Malgo decided to donate it to “Angel Hair for Kids,” a foundation that provides wigs and hair-loss solutions for Canadian children.

“I didn’t really decide until a couple weeks ago when I came back from a trip,” she recalled.

“I was getting really hot [having long hair].

“I donated hair before—my sister was doing it so monkey see, monkey do,” she laughed.

Malgo cut a ponytail of hair off that was roughly 12 inches long.

To create a single wig for a child, the company requires 10-12 ponytails of hair.

“Angel Hair for Kids” also covers the costs of manufacturing the wig so that a child can receive it at no cost.

“I can always grow back my hair but the people that have some sort of disease can’t,” Malgo reasoned, adding she would like to donate her hair a third time down the road.

“I have to wait until it grows back,” she noted.

Growing out hair to donate to charity takes a long time. Malgo estimated hair grows by one centimetre a month so growing out hair to 12 inches could take as long as 30 months.

Malgo admitted that when growing out her hair to donate, she did face some challenges along the way.

“When I go swimming, it gets in a big mop,” she explained.

“When we finished swimming, my mom would have to get conditioner and take the whole bottle and put it on my hair to get it out,” she laughed.

“[Now] all I have to do is get a tiny brush and do one strand and it’s done.”

When lice are around, it also can be challenging to maintain lengthy hair.

“It can be really hard to see [lice] because I have blonde hair,” Malgo said while stressing the importance of not sharing hats or brushes.

Malgo’s mother, Marinela, said she’s proud of her daughter’s commitment to helping others at such a young age,

“I think it’s a great idea, especially that she loves her hair so much and takes really good care of it,” Marinela noted.

“It’s really nice that she decided to donate it instead of just having it trimmed a little and tossed out,” she added.

“It’s a big change cutting off 12 inches of hair.”

It’s also important to ensure that the hair remains healthy. As such, the youngster occasionally trimmed her hair to make the ends healthy.

Recently, the Malgos heard that someone locally is looking for a hair donation and hope that their donation can make an impact right here in our community.

“We heard of a little girl that needs hair,” Alexandra said. “We don’t know if she needs more or not.

“I want to help people in my town, too,” she stressed.

“If it’s local, then that would work even better if there is a child in need,” agreed Marinela.

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