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Board eyeing big pay raises


The Rainy River District School Board is seeking public feedback on its proposed Executive Compensation Program.

According to the board's website, it developed the program, in consultation with the provincial government and dated Nov. 29, 2017, to fulfill the requirements of provincial regulations.

The purpose of the program is to set out a rational compensation approach for executive positions across all school boards, including those in the RRDSB.

Part of this process requires that the board ask for public feedback on its proposed program.

You can find details of the program by visiting the board's website at, clicking on “Executive Compensation Plan," and then clicking on "Read the Report.”

After reading through the 15-page report, the board is inviting public input by completing the feedback form.

You must provide your name and a valid e-mail address.

The board will be accepting feedback until Jan. 16, then it will provide a summary of that feedback to the Ministry of Education for its review.

Once the board receives final approval from the government for its program, it will be presented to trustees for their approval.

For the RRDSB, the proposed Executive Compensation Program applies to the Director of Education, Superintendent of Education/School Effectiveness, Superintendent of Education/Student Success, and Superintendent of Business.

The pay envelope for the RRDSB (the total of all actual base salaries paid to executives) is $629,996, with its proposed maximum rate of increase being five percent.

The proposed grid for the Director of Education is $192,000 in Year 1, $194,000 in Year 2, $198,000 in Year 3, and $203,000 in Year 4.

The proposed grid for the other three executive positions is $153,000 for Year 1, $157,000 for Year 2, $161,000 for Year 3, and $166,000 for Year 4.

The report states the actual annual increases paid to executives may be less than the proposed maximum rate.

It also notes individuals may receive more or less than the proposed maximum rate of increase, considering a variety of criteria, including their tenure in the designated executive position.

The report adds increases will not be provided beyond the range maximum of five percent per envelope per year.

According to the report, there is a “significant compression” between principal and superintendent compensation which is inconsistent with the board's recruitment needs.

It says the RRDSB needs to increase its envelope at a higher rate so as to “reduce the gap, rectify the inequity, and support succession planing into the future.”

To attract quality leadership, the board says it is crucial that it offers a competitive, transparent, and responsible compensation plan.

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