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Anglers nabbed


Daniel Ballard, of Glenville, Ill., and John Farrald, of Del Rey Oaks, Calif., jointly were charged and each fined $3,000 for possessing more walleye than allowed.

They also were suspended from fishing in the province for two years.

Court heard that on Aug. 15, officers contacted the men while they were angling on Lake of the Woods.

At the time of the initial inspection, the two men were in possession of 15 walleye.

But a further inspection revealed the men also possessed an additional 17 walleye that they had caught on previous days on Lake of the Woods and had stored at their resort in Sioux Narrows.

This was over the legal possession limit of four walleye, per angler, after two days of fishing on Lake of the Woods.

Justice of the Peace Roger McCraw heard the case Oct. 31 in Kenora.

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