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Brilliant bouquets at market

The Fort Frances Horticultural Society had a brilliant display of bouquets at the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market here on Saturday.

They were creations by members of the horticultural society made of blooms and foliage grown in their own gardens.

It was a delightful blend of creativity and the natural beauty of the flowers.

Laser tag business opens

Children’s birthday parties and family gatherings are the target for a new laser business in town.

The first of its kind in the district, Outlast Laser Sports is a family-owned business operated by local residents Corey and Natalie Cousineau along with Andrew and Lorraine Peters.

Housing market stagnant here

The housing market here in Fort Frances has seen little to no growth or decline over recent years, according to one local broker.

“It’s plateaued for a number of years now. It hasn’t done a lot,” said Dan Cousineau of Cousineau Brokers Inc.

He noted there haven’t been many fluctuations in the market, which has both its pros and cons.

Boshcoff hails ‘Green Shift’ plan

Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Ken Boshcoff believes the Liberal Party of Canada’s “Green Shift”—a plan for the environment and the economy—will not only benefit Canadians, but particularly residents of Rainy River District.

“Many of the concerns that they had in terms of rural and small communities are in the ‘Green Shift’ plan because of the tax cuts,” he noted.

Biomass project fuels partnership

A partnership between Northern Bulk (part of the Gardewine Group) and the Rainy Lake Tribal Development Corp. was formed following last year’s announcement that a biomass fuel boiler would be built in Fort Frances by AbitibiBowater.

The two companies, which formed the new business Rainy Lake Logistics, came together to help meet the rising demand for biomass fuel product.

Heritage tourism project funded

The province is investing $250,000 into Phase II of the local Heritage Tourism Project, helping Fort Frances bring its heritage to life through exciting improvements to tourism attractions.

Through its Rural Economic Development Program, the province is committing a quarter-million dollars to help the town:

•develop a waterfront heritage route;