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Buying ‘Ontario Wood’ strengthens economy

A partnership announced last Wednesday (Jan. 11) will boost Ontario’s forest industry and help strengthen the provincial economy.

The Ontario Forest Industries Association is the first participant in “Ontario Wood,” a new program designed to expand markets for Ontario wood products.

The program encourages Ontarians to buy local when choosing wood products.

Pension fund strengthened

Ontario is implementing changes it first announced in 2010, and reaffirmed in the 2011 budget, by strengthening the Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF) to help protect pensioners.

Beginning Jan. 1, the government will:

•establish a minimum assessment level of $250 for each covered plan;

•raise the base fee per plan member from $1 to $5;

New strategies needed for real recovery

Pessimism about our economy rarely pays off in the long run.

Time and time again when we were feeling particularly glum, things turn around before we reach any kind of disaster.

While that record is worth noting, Canadians and our counterpart south of the border are despondent. There can be no mistaking the decidedly subpar character of the current economic recovery.