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Paxson letter

Dear editor:

I have been following the on-going dilemma facing the board of education over the “multi-use” facility, and find it very disconcerting as well confusing.

In the Oct. 8 “Times," it was stated that the electrical tenders were too high, the reason being, that not enough Manitoba contractors were bidding because they were busy with the flood damage. Then in the Nov. 4 "Daily Bulletin," the tender's were still too high because of a "mini-boom" in Ontario and Manitoba. Contractors still were busy with their flood damage. Then in the Nov. 5 "Times”, it was stated the building market was saturated because of all the school contracts, because no one from Manitoba was bidding due to all the flood clean up, and also because the town was isolated and it's expensive to do work here.

Being part of the construction trades, it's very disconcerting to me that after the Oct. 8 article, I received a partial-bid list of 12 electrical contractors bidding on the job and at least seven were from Manitoba. Along with that I know of a list of unemployed electricians that's well over 100, several who live here in town, and all of whom are Ontario taxpayers.

What's confusing is that knowing where the money for the project is coming from, when I drive by the building site the sign on McIrvine Rd. says “Jobs Ontario." I can't help thinking, wouldn't it be nice to get some reciprocal action for our tax dollars? After all, it is "our money” and I'm extremely fed up watching our tax dollars, especially provincial and municipal, go out of province.

And as for the town being isolated—it is, that's the beauty of it, but it's not isolated to the people who live and try to work here.

Rob Paxson,


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