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Offensive cartoon

Dear Mr. Editor:

I wish to voice my objection to the cartoon you printed in the May 27 edition of the Times about sexual harassment in the armed forces.

The women and women’s organizations that lobbied for the right of women to serve in the regular army, and the parliamentarians who made it possible, should have been aware that such instances would happen. To paint the whole of our armed forces with one brush, however, is a great injustice to those who serve, and I find your cartoon tasteless and offensive.

The Canadian Army has given outstanding service in disaster relief work at home and abroad, and in peacekeeping service around the world. Let us be proud that they are accepted and appreciated around the world for outstanding service. Let us be glad they did not have to serve in a major war for a long time, and pray that it remains so.

Sexual harassment will be a part of man-women relationship, be that in office, other workplace, or sometimes even the home. The instances should be treated when and where they occur, and not exaggerated as does your cartoon.


M. Zimmerman

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