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< B>Dear sir:

This is a letter to acknowledge and thank the many people I had the pleasure of working with in the 12 years I was a member of the Emo Library board.

When I joined the board, we were just in the process of building on to enlarge the library. I think of the many headaches we all had with the plans changing all the time. The many meetings we had to attend—sometimes two or more a week. The what then seemed to be unsurmountable mountains we had to climb to get the addition.

But we prevailed. How I remember our grand opening. People and more people came out to see what we had succeeded in doing. What a pleasure it was to be there to greet them and talk to them.

It is with regrets on my part that it had to end.

It is the way that it ended that has me mystified. We always knew the municipality was the governing body but up until 1998, the policy had been when a member retired, he or she was replaced by a name on file at the municipal office.

If this policy was changed, I feel the board should have been notified.

It was on Jan. 12, 1998 that I received my “Dear John” letter; at least, that’s the way I think of it.

This letter told me that due to the number of names submitted for the Emo library board, they agreed to draw three names out of the hat to serve on said board.

As you well know by now, my name was dropped. I’m still trying to figure out if I was honourably or dishonourably discharged.

It is with very mixed feelings that I accept my dismissal from the board.

I wish the library board all the best in 1998.

< B>Yours sincerely,

< B>Earl Meyers

P.S. By the way, how did Emo council send the letter, dated Dec. 30, 1997, to the post office? Even the Pony Express could have got it there faster.

I still have the envelope date stamped at the Emo post office dated 12-1-98.

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