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Absolutely criminal

Dear editor:

The executive of the Seniors Retirees Against Pension and Elder Abuse (SRAPEA) reviewed with great interest the pension notification letters mailed to—and received by—all Resolute retirees and surviving spouses.

Our mood was one of great anxiety knowing the money earned over out lifetime has—in our opinion—been stolen from us.

We feel the federal and provincial governments, and the national union of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers, were active co-conspirators in one of the greatest disasters ever to affect working men and women in Canadian history.

We believe the depletion of our pension funds by this company—supported and allowed by regressive government legislation—clearly constitutes elder abuse on a grand scale, which many retirees and their surviving spouses feel is nothing less than grand theft.

We further believe the federal and provincial governments are helping Resolute and other corporations, and their company executives, to rape away our senior pensions earned over a lifetime of work.

Yes, our fingers are pointed directly at the federal Stephen Harper government and the Dalton McGuinty government of Ontario.

These governments, in all their righteousness, adopted “elder abuse” programs to protect seniors from the theft of their personal property or finances by their children.

The government developed elder abuse strategies meant to protect us against theft from our own family. Yet (in our view), these same government officials allow, by legislation, these corporations to commit elder abuse upon all seniors by shafting us out of our lifelong pension earnings—billions and billions of dollars are being taken from seniors all across this country.

You are protected from your children, but not from our own government or corporate CEOs.

Stopping this elder abuse is very difficult. Why? Because our politicians have no will to protect us. Our laws, our courts, are backing these CEOs and corporations with their non give a damn attitude—and this attitude is injecting this abusive destruction on thousands of seniors across this country.

Our justice system, in our opinion, has allowed these frauds to occur—and to continue—against our seniors. And it will not stand up to end this injustice, called elder abuse, orchestrated against retired seniors.

So much for the integrity of our courts, judges, and politicians.

To all Resolute (as known as AbitibiBowater) pension retirees and surviving spouses, plus those who support this cause, a meeting will be held Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Sister Kennedy Centre in Fort Frances. Its purpose is to protect and ensure our pension and benefits today and tomorrow for each retiree and their surviving spouse’s lifetime.

In closing, the SRAPEA is a seniors’ organization (aged 55 and up) fighting to preserve senior pensions while handling other senior issues—and I can assure you we will do everything in our power to stop this elder abuse from happening by uncaring politicians who were elected to protect and represent us.

We will rally against CEOs and federal, provincial, and municipal politicians who allow this elder abuse to occur or continue.

We are sickened at the arrogance of government and our so-called justice system for allowing these CEOs to sell off major corporate assets while taking huge bonuses, rather than using this money to meet their pension and benefit obligations to their employees.

It is elder abuse on a grand scale and this is absolutely criminal.

Yours truly,

Allan T. Bedard

Chairman, SRAPEA

Fort Frances, Ont.

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