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Is there a baby in your future?

Optimal health of parents before pregnancy can help ensure the healthiest baby possible.

To assist with this, the Northwestern Health Unit is promoting the “Health Before Pregnancy Life Plan”—a resource for both women and men in their reproductive years.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) states that about half of pregnancies are unplanned.

Deciding whether or not you wish to have children, and when you want children, is the first step in the Life Plan.

The Life Plan then guides users through a series of choices to help them prepare.

“It helps users profile current lifestyle behaviours and health status,” explained public health nurse Tekla Rundle.

“It guides you through decisions about changes that you might need to make to care for your body now so you can have healthy children later,” she noted.

The resource focuses on topics like a balanced diet, folic acid, regular physical activity, and avoidance of smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

“People need to be aware of how important their health and lifestyle choices are, and we want to help,” said Rundle.

You can get the Life Plan from various community partners throughout the region, at your local Northwestern Health Unit office, and online at

The public health nurses in the Reproductive Health Program at the Northwestern Health Unit invite anyone to call or stop by to discuss health before pregnancy.

For more information, contact “Healthy Babies, Healthy Children” at 1-800-465-4377.

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