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Salvation Army making ‘Harvest Appeal’ Food bank needs to be replenished

Need has no season, but with the financial stress of children returning to school and the costs that go with that, some district residents are using the Salvation Army’s food bank more and more now.

And with its “Harvest Appeal 2007,” Capts. Angel and Marlene Sandoval are looking for local residents, businesses, and schools to help restock the shelves with non-perishable food items.

“The summer is coming to an end. Kids are returning to school and for many families, it’s an exciting time. But many others in the district can’t make ends meet,” Capt. Angel said Friday, adding some parents are having trouble stretching their budget to include back-to-school supplies and extracurricular activities along with the basic necessities.

“The curriculum has become expensive for those with so little. And due to that, we need community support in order to help those families in need,” he stressed.

In the past, schools in Rainy River District, as well as a couple of local churches and businesses, have run food drives to help stock the shelves, and this year the Salvation Army is requesting they do the same again.

While the shelves aren’t bare yet, supplies are running low. “I’m hoping our food bank doesn’t run dry before the harvest season,” said Capt. Angel.

While all manner of non-perishable items are welcome, he specified the following food in particular is in demand:

•any kind of soup;

•pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, Kraft dinner, etc.);

•spaghetti sauce;



•jam and peanut butter;

•sugar; and


“The Salvation Army in Fort Frances and the Rainy River District exists to meet the spiritual needs of its clientele by providing food, shelter, and Christian counselling based on help we receive from the community,” said Capt. Angel.

“Assistance is given without prejudice to race, gender, age, or religious background,” he added. “We believe in you, in caring, in our community, in serving, and in God’s word.”

In related news, Capt. Angel thanked the public for their donations to the Thrift Store, but reminded people to use common sense when they drop them off.

If it’s a rainy day and the Thrift Store is closed, don’t leave your donated items on the doorstep. Bring them back another time when they won’t get soaked and possibly ruined by the elements.

He also encouraged donors to only give items that are clean and in good condition, so that they can be resold to “those who need them at affordable prices.”

Capt. Angel stressed the Thrift Store not only helps provide clothes and other items to those in need, but what money they do get for the items goes to Salvation Army programs, thus further helping the community.

The Salvation Army food bank is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-noon and 1-3 p.m. The family services are open the same hours. The Thrift Store is open from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Monday to Friday.

In emergencies, clients can call 274-3871, but Capt. Angel stressed that “emergency” means they still need to make an appointment, and encouraged clients to plan ahead and not wait until they have no food, for instance, to come to the food bank.

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