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Party safely every time

Homecoming is one of the biggest parties of the year for high school students—and naturally with celebration often comes alcohol.

But teens need to be aware that if they are going to party, they need to do it safely.

So with the pressure on to be part of the in crowd, here are some tips from the Rainy River Substance Abuse Prevention Team and the P.A.R.T.Y. program on how to do it safely:

•Look out for each other; keep an eye on your friends and ask them to do the same for you. •Do not get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking or using drugs, and do not drive yourself if you are under the influence. If need be, take a cab or call a parent for a safe ride home.

•Better yet, have a plan and make arrangements ahead of time to get home safely.

•Use the “recovery position,” meaning sleep on your side after consuming alcohol and make sure of the same for your friends. •Drink in moderation.

•Practice safe sex.

•Guys, remember that violence when you are drinking, especially towards women, is not acceptable.

•Hold onto your drink. Believe it or not, the “date rape drug” is everywhere so protect yourself by never leaving a drink unattended.

•Trust yourself—if you feel uncomfortable about a situation, go with your gut.

•It is okay not to drink. Be a designated driver and make sure your friends get home safe.

•These messages have been directed at youth for quite some time. So take some advice and practice safe partying—every time.

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