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Michl raising funds for run in Australia

Bill Michl, like everyone else in the district, would like to see big change.

What’s different is the type of “change” Michl is looking for.

You see, Michl is raising funds for his “Joints in Motion” marathon that will take place next July in Australia and the “big change” he’d like to see in the next eight months or so are toonies and loonies generously donated by district residents towards this goal.

Michl has committed to raising $9,700 for the Arthritis Society to meet his obilgation for the chance to run a marathon on the Gold Coast.

The money raised will go to the local Arthritis Society to help in research and development of treatments, devices, and procedures to help enhance the lives of those living with the cripling and painful desease of arthritis.

Arthritis affects one-in-seven Canadians, and one-in-five people in Northwestern Ontario.

“Joints in Motion” is a program where a particapant (training team member) picks an “Arthritis Hero” (someone in the local area suffering the effects of arthritis), then agrees to raise a certain amount of money for the Arthritis Society.

In return, the Arthritis Society finds sponsers to help finance the costs of the marathon for the participant, which he or she then runs in honour of the “hero.”

Michl’s “hero” is Gaby Hanzuk of Fort Frances, who suffers from psoriatic arthritis—a very painful and deabilitating arthritis that affects the hands, feet, and ankles.

Hanzuk is not one to let this desease get the better of her and although it has greatly affected her lifestyle, she continues to be very active in her community—despite the pain that’s almost constant in her life.

Melvin Haukaas, a friend and past “hero” of Michl’s, is helping the cause by donating the proceeds he gets from “Windmels” and pinball machines, which he makes, towards Michl’s goal. Still, the fundraising effort is slow going.

“I put off my fundraising during the month of September because that is Arthritis Month, when the Arthritis Society canvasses door-to-door,” Michl explained. “Now it’s time to go for the finish line.”

All donations are welcome, and those over $15 will receive a tax receipt.

For more information, contact Michl at 274-1329 or via e-mail at

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